Cador - Fitout Solutions - Office interior design

At CADOR, we have been building offices for 28 years. During this time, we have worked with more than 2000 clients who have relied on our knowledge in the sector to help meet their requirements.

When talking about a design and build project, we integrate together the four important factors: the building, the organisation, the technology and the human resources. Our objective is to create a perfect workplace, the most effective working environment for our client - and one that is also sustainable.

Our mission is to create, build and maintain work spaces that are efficient, flexible and adapted to the needs and objectives of end-users while also being financially viable for investors.

The key is to design the workplace as an ecosystem of interconnected and interdependent places that support the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of people, and give them choice and control over where and how they work.

In order to provide the maximum flexibility and agility, CADOR combines experience with a first-class construction methodology and structure. We work on more than 200,000 square metres of office space across Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Romania every year.

On vacation, would you ever choose a hotel with fluorescent lighting and drab grey rooms? The answer is obvious. But plenty of small-business owners forget simple things when it comes to office interior design. Exactly how do the smartest, most collaborative small companies use office interior design to reinforce their culture and inspire creativity.

Today, people spend more time working than anything else, even sleeping! The return is high for forward-thinking organizations to invest in the wellbeing of workers.

Our proven experience of using this model, our vertically integrated structure and our proven methodology together form the basis of our guarantee of delivering projects that are successfully implemented.

The model we use at CADOR is based on integrating both design and build responsibilities so that our clients benefit from a range of competitive advantages - on the one hand, significantly reduced delivery times and on the other, reduced costs of construction.

The design of the modern office in leading organizations is changing to allow employees choice and control over how/where they work. Balancing privacy and collaboration is a key tension.